What a weekend! 

Thank you to everyone who reached out on social media to wish me a happy birthday. So very sweet of all of you.

Sunday was my birthday. 

I had planned to have a birthday party that was on track, and then it started to fall apart. Party planning during a pandemic is not as easy as you may think. But in the end, it was just not going to happy. I was a little sad, but I understood.

But thankfully, I have some beautiful friends. Kristi, who I share an office with, had decorated, and it was cute with all the unicorns. SO SWEET! But after doing the morning show on Friday, I was called to a meeting in our conference room at work. There were ALL my co-workers, two best friends in person, two of my best friends on Facetime, and three other friends on Zoom! There was food and fun and lots of embarrassing stories. Good times, good times.

Saturday, I went to spend the night out at a friend’s camp on Cobbossee, and it was great. We had dinner from Lighthouse Wine and Seafood as well as delish blueberry pie. I even did a little hula hooping on the boat dock before we went for a boat ride. That was followed by stargazing, and each of the three of us saw shooting stars.
Sunday was my actual birthday was Sunday. The started with cinnamon buns and coffee lakeside on the dock, brunch with friends at State Lunch in downtown Augusta. Wonderful! Then it was a pleasant visit and walk in the woods with another friend.

Botton line is I had a wonderful birthday weekend, and I reconfirmed what I already knew, but it was beautiful to see…I have some kick-ass friends.

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