Winter in Maine means blowing snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures.  Those conditions can make a normally "dangerous" intersection even more prone to accidents.  Based on Maine Department of Transportation traffic accident data from 2013 - 2018,  you want to use extra caution around these five Augusta intersections:

Cony Circle (47 accidents in the last 5 years) - It should not be much of a surprise that the two worst "intersections" in Augusta are the traffic circles.  Even though they are fairly small, they can be a little daunting for someone not used to dealing with rotaries.


Memorial Circle (40 accidents in the last 5 years)


I-95 Off Ramp Onto Western Ave West Bound (25 accidents in the last 5 years) - This is the ramp you'd take if you were getting off the 95 (heading South) to go to Manchester and Winthrop.


I-95 On Ramp from Western Ave (18 accidents in the last 5 years) - These ramps currently have detours due to construction.  But, even without the detours, they can be tricky if everyone isn't respecting the yield signs.


Western Ave and Sewall Street (12 accidents in the last 5 years)

Keep in mind, as this accident data was from all 12 months out of the year, these intersections are not just dangerous in the winter, but the winter weather definitely doesn't help.

Safe travels!

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