At the risk of sounding like an old "fuddy duddy," I don't get ear gauging. Maybe this is the same as our parents hating tattoos or guys piercing their ears or maybe even lips and or noses, but the whole or "hole" gauging thing seems too intense at least for me.

Please don't take to what I say as offense if you're into gauging or find it sexy in a man. Unlike in our day when we guys pierced our ears, if the trend wore off, we'd pull out the stud or earring and the holes would either grow over or could be easily over looked by employers, girlfriends parents or anyone else you had to compromise your look for. I can't see how you can ever hide gauging.

What propels me into this topic is that I see more and more career driven people and "kids" with good heads on their shoulders doing this to their earlobes.

I understand that equal opportunity and other law

s state you can't discriminate but I still see ear gauging hindering your opportunities in life.

Am I wrong?