Over the weekend, I wasted almost two hours of my life that I can never have back watching the worst movie of all time.

"High Life" stars Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, and Andre Benjamin (of Outkast) as inmates sent on a decades long space mission to visit a black hole.  Over the course of the mission, most of the crew dies through murders and accidents.  Well, except for Andre Benjamin.  He just dissolves into the ship's garden - yeah, I didn't get it, either.  In the end, the only survivors are Pattinson and his infant daughter (the product of some strange reproductive experiments that Binoch's character was performing).

While the movie was awful from the beginning, I kept watching because I want to see (I was really hoping) if the movie would get any better.  I guess I had a fear of missing out.  Maybe the movie would end in some amazing way?  Yeah.  No.  It did not.

While there were many issues with the film, my biggest annoyance was that the bulk of the story was told through a series of flashbacks, with no indication of what was a flashback and what was the current time.  On top of that, without warning or any indication it had happened, the movie leaps forward in time by about 14 years.

Director Claire Denis was, clearly, inspired by "Solaris".  The difference?  While both versions (USSR and American) of "Solaris" had a point, this movie did not.  It was just a wannabe artsy mess!

You can find the movie on Amazon Prime for no additional cost.  If you really want to, give it a shot.  But, whatever you do, don't pay anything for it.


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