Suzy, my son's mother, found something REALLY strange when she was taking a walk with her dogs at Gleason's Cove in Perry...  A FLOATING ROCK!

When I first watched the video, I thought it was in the water (like pumice).  Nope.  It's floating above dry land!

Check it out:

She says, "I was with my two dogs Sarah and Nestle at Gleason's Cove on 9/30. This was first time going to the spot where this occurred however just looking at it I always thought it looked sacred I don't know why. Probably with all of the Native American history in the area. I was just sitting on the ledge and had looked down and saw a black rock that looked very interesting. I picked it up and it was very lightweight. I was holding it and just thought it was really special and then looked to my right at my dog who was lying there and I saw something that looked that almost looked like a bug just hovering there next to her tail. I stood up and just looked at it and thought it was some kind of spirit possibly. I then got down closer to see if maybe I was wrong and it was just some kind of bug that looked like a pebble but no it was definitely a pebble spinning lol. According to my video I recorded from 10:54 A.M. until 10:59 A.M."

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