Just because of the massive size of last night's Mega Million jackpot, ten of thousands of people that don't normally buy tickets for the game, shelled out cash for tickets.  As a result, a few hours prior to the drawing, we learned the jackpot had jumped from a huge $970 million to an ASTRONOMICAL $1 BILLION!

That total made it the second largest jackpot in lottery history.

After months of seeing the jackpot grow (we have not had a jackpot winner since September), we finally have a jackpot winner!

According to CNN, the sole jackpot-winning ticket was sold in... Michigan!

Additionally, match 5 winning tickets were sold in FL, MD, MO, NJ, NY, PA.  And, there were two match 5 + megapliers.  One in North Carolina and one in Virginia.  

The winning numbers for last night's drawing were 4-26-42-50-60 and a Mega Ball number of 24

So, how much do they really win?  Well, if the person who holds the winning ticket takes the payout all at once, they'd walk away with $739.6 million before taxes.  Or, they can take the payout over 20 years.  If they were to do that, they would get about $33.3 million per year over 30 years - before taxes.

Now, the jackpot resets back to a mere $20 million for Tuesday's drawing.

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