I have heard of the website wheresgeorge.com, but I have never taken part. I never came across a dollar bill with the site written on it and I've never wanted to start a tracking. Today I spotted a bill.

My daughter returned from her first day of school and after handing me all MY homework, (That's another story) she asked if she could walk to the corner store with some friends. I gave her a dollar I had in my pocket, but when I was handing it over I noticed some writing on the edge, "www.wheresgeorge.com!'

I said, "Hold on, let's enter the serial number at the site and see where it's been."

Pretty cool. Here's the information about our one dollar bill. It had been last recorded at a Wal-Mart in Humble, TX. This bill had traveled at least 1,687 Miles in 124 Days, 6 Hrs, 55 Mins at an average of 14 Miles per day.

I won't encourage you to write on a bill to start your own tracking, because I think that's illegal. However, if you stumble across one already written on, check it out and see how far George Washington has traveled. I know where you can find one. Right in the register at the South Monmouth Market.