Are there small things that take a person back to time in their youth like a song, maybe a movie or how about a smell?

I haven't heard one in a long time but a fog horn will bring me back to my childhood. Growing up in a port city we heard them in rain and fog late at night even being a mile or so inland.

The smell of a paper mill does that to me too. Sometimes early in the morning I'll catch a whiff from the mill in Jay. That brings me back to my days in Saint John taking broadcasting.

What brings this up? Earlier today I smelled a perfume that hadn't hit me since probably the early 90s. I was immediately back in high school or at the mall food court, yes I smelled 'Exclamation.' To me the smell of that is the essence of the late 80s into the early 90s.

Don't get me wrong I'm not comparing a pulp and paper mill to 'Exclamation', on the contrary. Just drawing parallels to associations and memories.

Is there anything when you see, smell, hear or taste that brings you back to you youth?