Our state has been invaded! But you don't have to look to the skies because they are not real birds. Actually, I don't even think flamingo's can actually fly so either way, you're not looking up.

Wow, that didn't start off well. Let's try this again. We're being invaded!

If you've been driving around Freeport and noticed the flock of blue flamingo's on lawns or specifically the lawn of the Freeport Police Department, you're not alone!

Freeport Police Department via Facebook
Freeport Police Department via Facebook

According to their Facebook page, this flock of birds flew from the Brunswick, Maine Police Department and are all part of a fantastic fundraiser helping to support Special Olympics Maine and, more specifically, the Maine Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics.

The money that is raised with the flocking will stay right here in the state of Maine, making such a meaningful impact on so many lives.

It's an extraordinary sight to see across the State of Maine! According to My Giving and the campaign for the flamingos, this will go from March 24 until June 10, 2023. So make sure to be on the lookout for a migration like no other because the Blue Flamingos will be gracefully landing upon law enforcement agency lawns to show their support for Special Olympics Maine!

It's a fun and wonderful way to help! If you want to take part and get FLOCKED, head on over to My Giving or the Freeport Police Stations FB page and check it out!

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