Over the weekend, I nearly got into an accident with my daughters in the car.  A guy in a compact car cut me off on Bangor Street in Augusta.  I was just cruising along, doing the speed limit, when the guy came zipping out of a business' parking lot.  I had to slam on my breaks to avoid plowing into him.

What really made me mad was the fact that I had no real way to let him know just how I felt (without yelling expletives at him).  But, after giving it some thought, I think I have a solution!

I propose we add two additional horns to each car / truck / SUV.

I think we need:

- A Regular Horn - This is used to let people know you are waiting for them or to shoo animals out of the road

- The "My Bad" Horn - This one is used to let other drivers know you were in the wrong.  Use it when you accidentally cut someone off or when you aren't thinking ahead and need to change lanes at the last second.

- The "$&@%" Horn - Use this one when someone cuts YOU off, tailgates you, etc.  Basically, so you can let them know EXACTLY how you feel!

What do you think?

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