I've always considered myself lucky because I have never really had to use an alarm clock.  Even when I need to set an alarm, 99% of the time I wake up before the alarm goes off.

Lately, though, something strange has been happening to me.

I wake up at 4:32 EVERY weekday morning.  EVERY...  WEEKDAY...  MORNING!  For some reason, it doesn't happen on the weekends.  I have no idea why this is happening.

The good news is, according to Very Well, this is not a supernatural happening (the thought had never crossed my mind).  So, if it's not witches, curses, or demonic possession, what is it?

The site says there are several scientific reasons why this could be happening.

The most likely reason is that I go to sleep at almost exactly the same time every night.

The other possible reason is something environmental.  Maybe I'm hearing the noise from one of our neighbors getting up at that time.

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