As I said in the headline, it is utterly and completely my fault that I am always so freaking tired. I'm not kidding when I tell you that even as I write this article at 5 AM on Tuesday morning under the bright lights of my office in Augusta, I could fall asleep right here with my head on my desk. No, for real. I could move my keyboard, plop my head down on the cherry (particle board) and be asleep (with the lights on) in probably less than 90 seconds.

I do all of this to myself, though. Every weeknight at the house we follow the exact same routine- especially when it comes to getting the kids to bed. Evan, the oldest, knows his own bedtime and handles it accordingly. Gavin, the toddler, starts his bedtime routine with me at 7 and we brush our teeth and go down to his room to read three books. After those books, I tuck him in and falls right asleep and will continue to stay asleep for about 13 hours. Dawson, the baby, is getting fed and changed while I'm downstairs with Gavin. By the time I get back up from putting Gavin to bed, Keri typically has Dawson down and asleep.

By the time the bedtime routine is over in our house it's no later than 8 o'clock on any given night. I could literally go to bed right at that moment and fall right asleep. But I don't. Instead I stay up for hours after that, sometimes playing a couple games on the Xbox or watching a few hours of TV with my wife. She should ALSO be taking advantage of going to bed early, too.

To give you an idea of what I put myself through, I normally climb into bed sometime between 10-11 and am asleep typically by about 11:30. And, depending on the day, my alarm could be going off anywhere between 3:30 and 4 in the morning. So, for the most part, I'm usually only getting between 4-5 hours a night. And THAT is why I feel so darn tired all the darn time. Of course every single day I tell myself tonight is the night that I'm going to hit the hay early, but alas, I never do.


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