Call it a super-silly pet peeve if you will, but I've always been driven fairly nuts by shoes sitting in the entryway. If you know much about me, you know that I'm kind of like Danny Tanner from Full House in the sense that I just can't stand clutter or dirt. Both of which are present when everyone's shoes are in the house.

I've always been of the mindset, especially at our own house, that when you're coming inside you should take your shoes off in the garage before coming into the house. Fairly simple and easy considering it's an attached garage and a pretty quick process to complete. However, despite my incessant nagging, there always seems to be a pile of shoes in the entryway at my house. Especially this time of the year- you know, when it's the messiest outside. I always find myself down at the entryway chucking everyone's shoes back out into the garage to satisfy my need to 'unclutter'.

Well over the weekend, for whatever reason, I had a revelation- an epiphany if you will. I decided instantly that shoes in the entryway will no longer bother me. It was such a moment of realization that I literally teared up thinking about it. You see, I can also be somewhat of a sentimental fellow. Did I just call myself a 'fellow'?

I immediately realized this weekend that those shoes in the entryway shouldn't be angering me at all. They should make me happy. Those shoes in the entryway aren't a symbol of dirt and clutter, they're a symbol of everything I have going for me in this life.

I realized this weekend that those shoes, while laying there strewn about in the entryway, are in fact a reminder of the little (and big) feet that occupy them. Those aren't just shoes, they're little vehicles that, at least while they're parked there, means my family is, too. Someday I won't be so lucky anymore. Someday when our children are older and have moved on to start their own lives, I'll look down the stairs at an entryway that's neat and clean. An entryway that no longer has mud from one end to another because the kids quite literally kicked their shoes off when they came in. Someday, and a lot sooner than I'd like, there won't be any shoes in the entryway.

Shoes in the entryway should make us all happy. Especially during visits and holidays when our homes are filled to the brim with the friends and family that we love the most. Someday even those times will be gone. And what will we have left? Just the long-lost memories of what once was. And you know what will matter the absolute least when it's all said and done? A little dirt in the entryway.

So, if you're like me, and you're always getting a little upset about seemingly simple things, remember the shoes in the entryway. And remember that the tiny, little feet that occupy those shoes, won't always be there an arm's reach away, and that we should cherish as many of these moments as we can. This life is incredibly short... shorter than any of us realize. So remember, don't sweat the small stuff.


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