I'm used to seeing weird things pop up on the Facebook Marketplace. Primarily I'm used to seeing all of the weird things because I'm one of those people that is ALWAYS ON FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE. Why? I don't even really buy anything from there. I think I'm just obsessed with seeing what people around here are trying to get rid of.

Anyway, I was perusing and amusing on the good old Facebook Marketplace late last night when I came across what appeared to be human fingers for sale. Now, I'm not much of an aficionado on human fingers but $13 seemed like a hell of a deal to me. However, if I were running the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, I'd still have 'a buddy of mine come down and take a look'.

After some quick investigating I realized that these weren't from a 'Maine person' at all. These are silicon fingers that are sold so that aspiring cosmetologists and nail technicians can practice their craft. Literally that's what these are for.

I was all excited thinking I cracked some murder case and that someone's actual chopped up body parts (I watch way too much true crime) were being sold on the Maine marketplace. Nope, not even close. So, as fake as it may seem, these are actual (fake) silicon fingers that people will buy to practice their craft, and for only $13 bucks, they're a hell of a bargain.

I know that, like me, you all have seen some really weird stuff on the app so let us know by sending us a message or even a screenshot of your weird finds through the 92 Moose app or our Facebook page!


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