Living in "Northern New England"*, we only see a fraction of the hurricane and tropical storm action that our friends in the southern states do.  Until recently, Maine and New Hampshire would get slammed with a significant storm once every couple of decades.  These weather events were a little more common in Massachusetts, but not much more common.

Over the last few decades, however, these events have started to get more common.  Sandy, Dorian, and Isaias.  Regardless of your political views on climate change, there is no doubt that the climate is changing.  Always has, always will.  These changes are affecting storm patterns.

Meteorology experts are saying it looks as though 2022 could be another bad year for tropical storms and hurricanes.

According to WGME, researchers are saying 2022 could rival 2021, which was a record year for "named storms".  They are saying we could see 19 named storms affect or hit the United States.

If it happens, 2022 would be the seventh year in a row for an increase.

Even though hurricanes and tropical storms are not all that common in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, researchers from the University of Colorado are suggesting that we could see this year's storms coming farther north than they normally do.  They are projecting that we could see a 13% increase in the chances of seeing a tropical storm hit Maine.  They are also predicting a slight increase in the chance that we will see a hurricane hit the state.

One of the reasons we could have issues in New England is the increased water temperature in the Gulf of Maine.  The warm waters fuel hurricanes.  Warmer water could lead to higher intensity storms.

It is important to remember that, even if a storm does not make landfall in Maine or New Hampshire, it could still do significant harm.

It has been three decades since a hurricane made landfall in the State of Maine.

*Clearly, the people who refer to New Hampshire and most of Maine has "Northern New England" are the same people who consider Connecticut and New York part of New England.

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