Mrs. Damon from Pittston School, who is not only a great teacher but also a dear friend, entrusted me with one of her student's Flat Stanleys. I was to take the storybook character (who was flattened by a bulletin board, thus could go almost anywhere) on great adventures with me and capture the moments in photographs. I was delighted!

It started out ok thanks to Mac and Renee who set up some great photos in the studio during the Moose Morning Show. Those were the only pictures that would ever be taken of that original Flat Stanley. He went AWOL and hasn't been seen or heard from since. I suspect it was my carelessness that had everything to do with that.

Fast forward a few weeks. After heartfelt apologies to Mrs. Damon and pleading with her to trust me again sometime, a package shows up at the Moose addressed to me. I opened it and not one or two....but HUNDREDS of Flat Stanley's fall out onto the floor. Our own beloved office manager, Amber Bachelder, immediately took control of the situation (knowing my limitations) and acted as Stanley's travel agent and promoter, creating a giant wall of Stanley and his adventures at the radio station. A magnificent wall that is beautiful because it is, mostly, the colorful work of children from Pittston School.

Enjoy the videos below...the first one is the arrival of the Flat Stanleys followed by a video and song accounting for SOME of his many adventures!

↓The Arrival

↓The Adventures and Song