We know that it's not even October yet, but it's going to be on Sunday. Can you even believe it? Why does it seem like with each year that passes the time just seems to go faster and faster? Maybe it's because as we get older and our children continue to grow, we constantly lose more of the grip we have on time as we know it.

Okay, this is getting out of hand. Let's get back to talking about waterfalls, and why you definitely should go chasing them, eh?

For starters, let's hope that the upcoming 23/24 winter in Maine produces a little more long-lasting snow for better riding conditions than we had last year.

Sure, you can toss the sleds on a trailer and haul them 5 hours north, but wouldn't it just be better to ride right here in Central Maine? Yeah, we think so, too.

If you're looking to plan a Maine snowmobile adventure that leads you to an epic destination, then the imperial Moxie Falls trip is definitely for you and your riding crew.

Did you know that Moxie Falls isn't just the largest falls in Maine? It actually rounds out the top 5 on the largest falls in all of New England! Moxie Falls, situated in the heart of Somerset County, Maine, has a vertical drop of almost 90 feet, according to Maine Trail Finder.

But how exactly do you get into Moxie Falls on sled? It's actually not that hard.

According to Northern Outdoors, you can ride the trail from their spot in the forks to the junction of ITS 87. Then take ITS 87 to the junction of ITS 86. After that, follow ITS 86 west like you're heading back to the Forks, but then take a right when you reach the Moxie Falls Spur. Chug along for about three more miles and BAM, you're there!

If you do end up taking a trip to see this magnificent frozen wonder of Maine in the middle of winter, be sure to share some photos with us on our app and, as always, ride safely!

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