It was a very busy day in Augusta on Saturday as thousands gathered in the state's capital for the 'Women's March On Maine'. Because of the turnout, capital Police were out in full force patrolling and making sure everyone was safe.

According to Capital Police Chief Russell Gauvin, several people were climbing up on objects and pillars so that they could see better. One woman even climbed up on a pillar and removed her shirt. With so many people, including young children, around, they immediately proceeded over to ask the woman to get down.

Gauvin said, “We were trying to get people down from everywhere,” he said. “People were trying to climb all sorts of things to see better. It was a safety issue. The crowd around her assumed it was because she had taken her shirt off.” "In Maine, there is no prohibition against women going topless. Rather, he said, it was a safety move", Gauvin said.

As they were attempting to get the woman down, another woman came up and bit officer Alan Carr. Teresa Frisbie-Calder, 64,was issued a summons on an assault charge, and Carr was treated by Augusta Fire and was later treated at Maine General.