I have a health question. Like Doc McStuffins I have a diagnosis and think I know what it might be, but thought I'd get some use out of seemingly small issue in a post. Has anyone else felt a tingly sensation in their left pinky finger and ring finger? 

Yesterday or possibly the day before, either way for at least now 24-36 hours straight now I've felt a numbness or that "asleep" feeling in my left hand primarily in my left pinky and ring finger.

I also feel a bit of warmth going up my arm. I looked up on Web MD to see what my problem might be after a slight part of me thought it might be a heart attach, yes that's right, I'm kind of a hypochondriac. I would be in the hospital by now if that were the case.

After Googling the symptoms, it looks to be Cubital and Radial Tunnel Syndrome because their diagnosis is bang-on

Are there any home remedies? If I rest my arm and or elbow will it go away? Or should I see a doctor ASAP?

I know what Mom would say, but I'm asking you.