This is Glenn Jacobs, he is running for the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He is also known as "The Devil's Favorite Demon," would you vote for him?

Some of you already might know who Glenn is. But if you don't, here is a picture of him in his "work clothes."

You Tube Screenshot/WWE
You Tube Screenshot/WWE

Yup, it's the same guy, for over 20 years, Jacobs has also played the role of WWE's Kane, who is also known as "The Devil's Favorite Demon" or "The Big Red Machine." He has been off WWE programming for close to a year now as he preps his campaign, and on Oct. 16, he made a surprise return to WWE Monday Night Raw.

While I was watching this, my actual first thought was "isn't this political suicide?" It was fun to see Kane back in the ring, but I couldn't help but wonder, who would vote for a candidate who wears a mask and chokeslams people? It would be one thing if Jacobs was a retired wrestler like Jesse "The Body" Ventura, who became the governor of Minnesota, but would you vote for Kane if he was on your ballot?

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