You probably know better, but there is a chance you are breaking the law when you drive the I-95.

Which lane do you spend most of your time?  If you said "the left lane", you are not following the rules of the road.

According to, "An operator driving on a limited-access way with a speed limit of 65 or more miles per hour is restricted in ordinary operation to the right-hand lane and may use adjacent lanes for overtaking and passing another vehicle, but must return to the right-hand lane at the earliest opportunity. This requirement does not apply to an authorized emergency vehicle, or to a vehicle otherwise directed by posted signs, a law enforcement officer or a highway maintenance crew."

There are some REALLY good reasons to stay in the right lane (in addition to the legality).  First, you reduce the chances of an accident due to lane and speed changes.  Also, keeping your speed constant saves on gas.

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