According to Time and I B Times, if you've been having problems with your super-expensive cellphone over the last few weeks it is probably because your phone is freezing...  literally!

The batteries in many smartphones don't like temperatures under 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or over 95 degrees F)

Additionally, many cellphone screens have problems in cold temps (some iPhone screens have been known to shatter in low temps).  And, some internal components could be damaged by the cold.

So, what do you do?

Here are some suggestions:

-Keep your phone in your pocket.  That way, your body heat will help keep it warm.

-Use a bluetooth headset.  That way, you can leave the phone in the warmth of your pocket while you use it.

-Get a heavy, insulated case like an Otter Box.  Most of these are designed to prevent damage from drops and are water resistant.  Considering you probably paid HUNDREDS of dollars for your phone, should have have one of these even if you don't use your phone in the cold.

-Keep it turned off.  This will help limit battery drain caused by the cold.

-Never leave your phone in a cold vehicle for extended periods of time.  This could cause permanent damage.

Or, you could always just stay at home where it's nice and warm.

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