Don't mind my paint-stained shorts and my pale-ass man legs, but you get the point here, right? I don't wear pants. Well, not super often anyway.

People always tell me that I'm crazy when it's cold out and they see me rockin' basketball shorts and sneaks. Obviously I wear the basketball style shorts because I'm incredibly agile and athletic and you never know when a pickup game of b-ball might pop up in the middle of my day. But in all seriousness, my legs just don't get cold! I have no desire or need to wear pants unless I'm wearing a long sleeve flannel or some other shirt that would look dumb with shorts.

Also, I feel like everyone 'knows a guy' who wears shorts all year long, right? I mean even right now as you're reading this you must be thinking about someone you know in your own life who wears shorts all year. I mean for real, even when I'm out plowing snow in the truck I am wearing shorts and sneakers. It would kind of suck if I broke down for any extent of time and had to sit in the cold waiting for rescue. But, other than that, I have no issue dressing this way 12 months out of the year.

For the record, I did actually contemplate wearing pants today. But alas, the only time I spend outside is going from the house to the car and the car into the studio. What is that total, like 90 seconds? No need to cover my legs up for 90 seconds of cold air exposure.

So, am I crazy? Or does this make sense to you?


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