Us Mainers have very thick skin because we have had to deal with cold temps for centuries. It's almost like we're half Viking because we know how to deal with the frigid winters that mother nature put us through.

However, lately, it's been below freezing and even we have had a hard time with it. I mean, c'mon, we're not friggin eskimos.

This past week alone, with the wind chill, it was -44 degrees. We were told not to leave our homes unless we absolutely needed to and if we exposed our skin to the temps for too long, it could result in frostbite.

One example we all notice when it's too cold in Maine is when your faucet freezes. So fun.


Sometimes you walk outside and notice things like when you pee, it might freeze? Or if you attempt to cry, you can't. Then, you have ice cubes for tears.

I collected all of your opinions on how you know it's too cold in Maine and your responses are epic.

The best part about us Mainers are that we are hilarious, especially with the weather. We can be very creative and notice every little thing, even boogers. So this list is not only realistic, but pretty darn funny.

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