Do you ever worry for no reason? Today I was guilty of doing just that. Lynn had to go to Portland to take Dylan for a Doctor’s appointment just off Congress St. for 3:40 pm. Earlier this afternoon I read a very short article (now with more details) about a three car accident at about that time southbound on I 295 at Tukey’s Bridge in Portland right by exit 9.

The directions she had were from I 295 so I knew she would be taking it. So for awhile this afternoon I thought she could have been involved in the accident. I knew the chances were slight but it gets a husband a little concerned.

I finally talked with Lynn when she got home at about 6:20 pm. She is safe and sound. Just with all of the bad luck we’ve been having it would have seemed like something that would have happened to us.

Lynn and the kids are fine. In fact she didn’t even see the accident. It must have happened just minutes after she drove by Tukey’s Bridge.