I know, I'm don't look old enough to be a grandfather. I embarrassed my kids by talking about them on the radio as they grew up. I'm prepared to do the same with little Evan. I can't even tell you how much I adore this little 5-year-old boy. I think about him and I smile. He's so good. Apparently it fell of deaf ears when I told young Matt, "when you grow up, I hope you have a kid just like you!"

So anyway, Evan was at camp with us last week on Moosehead Lake when I decided to connect with my old pal, John Willard, who owns The Birches Resort in Rockwood.

"You still doing plane rides?" I asked.
"You wanna go?"
"I would like to go for a ride with my grandson."
"Bring him up tomorrow at 9."

We left at about 8:20 and made the drive up the west side of the lake to Rockwood where Evan, who had almost chickened out the day before, was excited to see the plane and have his picture taken next to it. When it came time to board, he didn't hesitate to jump in and put on the headset.

"You all set?" John asked.
"Let's do it," I said.

With that, the prop started to turn and the engine fired. We were headed out of the cove at The Birches Marina and out into the open lake. I looked over at Evan to make sure he wasn't nervous. He just looked at me with a big smile on his face and then back toward the water. The cockpit was a bit noisy. John and I could communicate through the headsets pretty well but little Evan's voice wasn't strong enough to break through with much that was intelligible. He did repeat four words that I could make out. Four of five times during the trip he said, "I love you Peepee." The boy has my heart.

Once we were up, Evan marveled at the tiny boats and jet-skis, totally unafraid.

We went completely around Mt. Kineo (which is an awesome sight). I've climbed it a couple of times and boated to it on a few occasions. From the water, you can drive right up to the magnificent cliffs and look up several hundred feet. The water at the base of the cliff is roughly 240 feet deep. Just amazing. From the air, it is just as breathtaking. Just a different view.

Beautiful Mount Kineo

We flew down to Greenville (about 20 miles down the lake) where Matt, Michelle and Matt's girlfriend, Keri, waited in the boat so they could wave to us and Evan could see them. I didn't realize how low we were until I saw the pictures.

After the first flyover, we continued down to Greenville to see the village. Matt decided to follow the plane down toward town so he turned the boat around and, in the process, lost his ne $60+ Ugly Stick (fishing pole) he had just purchased.

The kids in the boat below
Greenville from above Greenville Junction

John told me on the flight back that most of the islands on the lake (and there are many) are privately owned. An exception is Sugar Island, the lakes biggest, which is owned by the state. Now, they're doing some lumbering on it and you can clearly see a single road cut across the island through the forest of trees.

Although I didn't see it, John confirmed the existence of a $65+ Million dollar mansion past Kineo toward Northeast Carry. This place is owned by a guy and has everything from a private movie theater to a bowling alley, so I'm told.

Once back at The Birches, we went with John past the cute lakeside cabins (host of several past "Jon and Renee's Excellent Snowmobile Adventures) and to the lodge, where the food smelled so good, we couldn't resist. A burger for me (one of the best I've had in a long while) and chicken tenders for Evan (I had some of those, too).

Upon leaving the resort, we headed back to camp but not before stopping for one more picture. I wanted a photo of Evan next to the flying moose.

"How am I going to get up there?" he asked.
"You're not. You're going to stand next to it."
"Wait Peepee, I need my glasses!"

With that, he ran to the truck, got his cool boy shades, and did a cool boy pose for the camera.

Evan and the flying moose

Evan is a cool boy...and he and Peepee had a wonderfully cool day together!

Evan with John Willard