I was born in California near Los Angeles but brought up in Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS) Canada. One of my favorite vacations I’ve taken was a trip aboard the Scotia Prince from Portland to Yarmouth, NS Canada and back. The ferry left Portland Harbor at around 10 pm and arrived in Yarmouth, NS early the next morning. We took it the last year it ran. The Cat filled the void until 2009 and due to financial woes their service ended as well.

A month or so ago the Premiere of Nova Scotia, Darrell Dexter started talking about funding or partly funding service again. Nova Scotia would take on 21 million dollars over a span of seven years. Regardless of if or when a return of service happens, this new conversation makes me happy. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to the renewal.

Travel from Maine to and from Nova Scotia, unless you’re going by car, is virtually impossible. My Mom was down to visit over the Labor Day weekend. She flew, but she had to transfer in Toronto. There are no straight flights from NS to Bangor, Portland or Augusta, for the exception of one company which has limited service, Twin City Air. They fly from Yarmouth, NS to Portland, ME in a small plane. An option but, I bet there are many who would go between from both sides of the border.

Here’s hoping for mass travel between the two places again soon. *Cheers*