Today my wife and Dylan are helping out my mother in-law at a craft fair at Oak Hill High School. I’m at home with Justin and Vikki and we're doing well. We're getting a variety of things accomplished. So far I’ve vacuumed, done the dishes and put a load of laundry away that Lynn didn’t get to yesterday because of being busy with the kids and whatnot. I was hoping to get the second and last run through of the raking done as well, but that can wait. Justin has cleaned his room (insert applause sound effect.) What a busy Saturday. At the old place it was smaller so the housework was easier and not as overwhelming. Lynn always apologizes when I get home from work for not doing enough and I always say “It’s okay.” I know she’s been busy all day with three kids, helping the boys with homework, making supper, etc. I know she's tired, too. So, I go around cleaning after I get home. I think it’s helping, but at the same time I have the feeling I’m making her feel inadequate. I really don't mean to and I really appreciate all she does. It hits you while you’re at home trying to entertain a 17 month old and get stuff done as well. Kudos to all stay at home parents!