2 days before the 1st day of school. August 29th. Whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day?  When we were young, we got that one last long weekend.  My oldest son's birthday happens to be 8/29 as well. What a birthday gift. If you have a child starting kindergarten, be happy, cry, take pictures. When they're older, you're like checking the calendar for the date. Only 6 more days, *breathe*

The supply list. Often we just reuse what the kids had last year. If it looks good and works, use it. Is that wrong? We replace when needed. Pencils, binders, paper, etc. That part hasn't changed since we were kids.

Last but not least, maybe the hardest part of BTS; getting the kids to bed at a reasonable time. Tonight, they're going to bed at 8pm in practice for tomorrow night. This will go over well? Not.