It’s the last day of February. Tomorrow we flip the calendar, a new month. This being March it looks like it will roll in as a tamer lion that in years past. The weather looks dreary over the next few days, but not too harsh. Tomorrow on March 1, DirecTV subscribers were going to lose WGME, Channel 13. Today there is good news, DirecTV and WGME along with the other Sinclair broadcast stations worked out an extension until other parts of a deal are hammered out.

Sinclair Broadcasting the company which owns WGME 13's pact with DirecTV ended today, so, if a renegotiation wasn’t met, then the Sinclair stations would go dark on DirecTV tomorrow. Both companies have at least gotten close enough to a deal apparently to extend Channel 13 on local DirecTV service.

Back when we bought the house, one of the reasons we left cable was because of these battles over distribution rights. I guess satellite is the same in that respect.

To recap, rest assured at least for the moment, we will still have The Price is Right, Letterman and Young & The Restless.