Why do we call voting a “civic duty?” I like voting, or maybe obsess or love it. I think it’s an exciting event. After all of the drama of the primaries, advertising, debates, mailers, robo-calls, etc. it’s go time! Think about it! Millions and billions are spent in campaigning over your one vote. I feel very honored and privileged to be able to go to the polls and fill in the ovals for who I think will do the best or what is the best depending. It’s important but also fun. I love seeing politicians outside polling places shaking hands, also like to see the petition drives for possible future ballot initiatives. It‘s an awesome experience. Do you vote for who you think will do the best? Do you vote strategically to balance out the power?

Tonight at 8pm the polls close. Then it’s watching the results. Love the commentary on TV including the electoral map math. The race to 270. We’ll see the talking heads say things like 'Who will win Ohio?' The smart board map; love seeing that, as well, the states being whirled around. Sadly I’ll be watching tonight like it’s a sport just as much as I’ll be watching for the right reasons. Just hope we don’t have a 'hanging chad' type incident like back in 2000.

A friendly reminder, do your civic duty and go vote, if you haven’t yet.