Flat Stanley is a storybook character. Stanley, in the book, gets flattened by a bulletin board and decides to use his new, thin, self to slide under doors and, better still, mail himself to friends in envelopes.

Long story short, Mrs. Damon's class at Pittston School sent me one which I was to take with me wherever I went to document things I did. Well, I lost Stanley. Just last week, when Mrs. Damon called in for a different reason, I confessed. She was wonderfully understanding. Still, I felt bad and asked her to keep me in mind the next time she did a Flat Stanley project and she assured me she would.

Fast forward to today. I began writing an article about a kid from Arkansas whose Flat Stanley got sent to Baghdad and didn't come back for more than a decade after some amazing adventures! That story is worth a read and can be found here.

Well, as I was getting ready to finish up the aforementioned article, Amber, our office manager, told me I had a package from Pittston School. Whatever could it be? Check THIS out!