Log Flume Ride at Funtown

Wow. Spring is here. Tourist season is only a few short weeks away. Some of the summer businesses are beginning to wake up from hibernation. Next weekend, Mother’s Day weekend, the Funtown rides turn again. Yes, Funtown opens on May 11, 2013. Splashtown however won’t open until mid June.

You know what else opens Mother’s Day? Hodgman’s Frozen Custard in New Gloucester. Every year on Mother’s Day we make that trek to Hodgman’s. I usually get the strawberry sundae. While you eat your goodies they have a couple of farm animals you can visit. Think they have sheep and pigs?  Often on opening day Hodgman's has a rock wall and one year they had a ball you can roll around in, maybe a bounce house, at any rate fun for the kids. Hodgman’s recently added a food wagon too. Awfully yummy! Can't wait.