I took a firearm's safety course from Chuck Cabanniss in Vassalboro, a former cop who really knows his stuff and got my concealed carry permit. I've learned a lot from long time policeman and good friend Mike Gagne about how to shoot. It was Mike who showed me this video.

Although I recommend anyone who wants to have a gun take a course like Chuck's and anyone who wants a permit to get one, I'm not sure I'd fare any better with a gun than without one under the types of circumstances depicted in this report. Maybe worse.

Bottom line, I can legally carry a weapon in my pocket, in my glove box and conceal it anywhere that I'm permitted to do so. Having a permit is worth having just for those reasons.

For me, this is an eye opener. Certainly, something that makes me, and maybe you, think.

For more good concealed carry info, visit Tim Schmidt's USCCA site. While a lot of people who joined say it's a scam while others praise it. You don't have to join to get a ton of information that, I think, is very good.