Starting Monday at the Kennebec Valley YMCA in Augusta it's the 4th “Loose It With The Y.”  It's a weight loss, get fit, be healthy competition. It lasts ten weeks and for taking part you get a team trainer and if you are not already a Y member you get a membership to use all the great stuff the Kennebec Valley YMCA has to offer. There will be multiple teams of four taking part. The first meeting is Monday, October 1 at 6pm at the KVYMCA, Augusta. Give them a call if you want to get your team in on the fun. Game on!

I have done this in the past and enjoyed it. I did not do it last time they offered it, and really missed it. So this time around we are going to have two teams of four at the radio station. For the most part, we all have some competitive part of our personalities, so this is going to be interesting. Just the inter-office competition is going to be a hoot.

The team I am part of will be myself, and my co-workers Sharon, Dawn and Julie. I know I have nowhere to go but up with my fitness level.  I stopped walking in the spring. I don’t remember why. In the six month since I have stopped walking I have turned to jell-o. Darn, now I am thinking about jell-o pudding. LOL

So far this fall has been so crazy busy, with family visits and events, school and just the regular events of life. I am a little worried about adding one thing for the calendar.  All I can do is my best!