It was six years ago today we bought the Malibu from Emerson Chevrolet. Back in June 2007 we had just paid off the 2002 Hyundai Accent and wanted a second car, especially as Lynn was going back to work full-time and her job was in Lisbon Falls about 10-15 miles from Auburn where we live.

At the time I wanted an HHR. It was the new "it" car at the time, but after a test drive decided against it as I like more window to see through while I'm driving and besides on that day Emerson had none to buy on site that day.

Lynn wanted something that had more leg room than an Accent and I wanted something I could turn left on a busy road with. Brian Dennis showed us a few different cars, including the Pontiac G6 and the HHR. Jessica, Lynn's sister, had a slightly older model Malibu. Lynn and I both test drove the 2007, "amber bronze" V6 Malibu LT they had on the lot. I liked the car, but wasn't crazy about the color. It had a fat rebate and Chevy gave me a $500 credit for buying American after buying a Hyundai, so Lynn and I bought it. On June 13, 2007 after a daunting amount of paperwork using pre-approved money at 5.25% APR from our credit union, we shook hands with the sales guy, Brian and were handed the keys. Lynn drove it home and I drove the Hyundai to work. Now the Hyundai is gone and Lynn drives a Saab, but I still have my Malibu.

I am divided even today on whether that purchase was a good one or not. Minimal work needed, but it sucked nearly $400 a month for 5 long years plus it takes a bit more gas than it's 4 cylinder version. Gets between 25-30 mpg depending how and where you're driving. (Better than the paperwork says pictured below?) It was paid for a year ago and it runs well, so all-in-all no complaints.

Today the car has almost 122,000 miles, been through a few minor accidents has had a broken windshield due to BB gun blast but has never been christened if you know what I mean. We're too old for that and have three kids, trust me the other cars were.

Let's see, the car has been to Halifax, NS Endmundston, NB twice, Maryland, Machias and Rhode Island a number of times but mostly the car was just used to go back and forth from Auburn and Augusta up and down Rt 202.

Some day I know my Malibu and I will part ways but not until either it's pointless to fix or somebody hits me and it's a total loss. I still carry full coverage only because I figure it's still worth something.