As some of you may know, I was on vacation last week. No, I didn’t go away, so I guess it was a ‘staycation’ as we’ve now termed it. So, what did I do?

We did a bit of prepping for Christmas, including some shopping. The stores are crazy at this time of year, but you know that, because you’ve been out as well. We also went to a Christmas concert at a friend's church last weekend and did our Christmas card photo last night.

I also did some work around the house. I cleaned the fridge, at least the inside. I’ll get to the outside at some point. We shrink wrapped a few remaining windows to keep more of the cold out and worked the gift wrapping booth at the Auburn Mall with my son Dylan to help out the Edward Little High School Music Association.

Yesterday like most others, I shoveled and snow-blowed the driveway. I’m sure I’m missing other exciting and fun activities, but mostly I was home over the past week to help my wife after surgery. All went well and now she’s home resting and seemingly recovering quickly.