On Tuesday, over my vacation, I spent it at St. Mary’s Hospital with my wife waiting for her during surgery. She was ready to go in but I was freaking even though it wasn’t me. When the doctor told me it would take two to two and half hours, I knew I could leave and I did, but only for about an hour. I grabbed lunch and took my 6th grade son out of school early because as it worked out, she would have been out of surgery around the same time as my son was out of school.

Lynn went in the O.R. at 12:30 pm. As she went in, I left and hit the McDonald’s drive-thru and ate at home. After getting Justin and taking him over to my Mother in-law’s, I headed back to the hospital. I arrived just after 1:30 pm and sat in the waiting room, paced in the waiting room and watched HLN cycle through the news stories two or three times. At about 2:45 pm her Doctor came to me and said the surgery went as planned. It was a success and went well. No complication and no issues.

So, I followed him to the pre and post operation area to visit with Lynn. The Doctor told me I couldn’t see her, at that moment, because she was still too out of it. He said he would come and get me when she was ready and  that it would be about an hour. I went through the tunnel to grab a coffee at the cafeteria and came back and waited until about 5 pm when she came out and went upstairs to her room for the night. She and I visited until about 6:30 pm. I then picked up the kids and went home while Lynn rested through the night.

I only write this story because surgery scares me. I know you’re in good hand with professionals while you’re under, but it just stressed me out especially when the surgery took longer than expected. It was only by 15 minutes, but still it worried me.

Wednesday morning, I went back to St. Mary’s, visited for an hour or so, then they discharged her. I drove her home and did my best to alleviate her of activity through the rest of the week.

All is well that ends well.