We have him, 'Thunder' our new kitten from The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. “Thunder” is two months old, born on September 26, 2012, neutered and vaccinated and officially adopted.

"Thunder." 11/27/12. Looking cranky. Maybe it was the surgery earlier that day?

Originally his name was going to be Gus, but at the last minute the kids wanted to name him Thunder. The kids named him Thunder because of the color of his fur and he kind of looks like a storm cloud. Justin already wants a second cat so he can name him Lightning. "Maybe down the road, we'll see," I told him, "Let's see how we do with one cat first."

He is an adorable little guy and was very good last night. Lynn made him a bed out of the bottom half of a shoebox lined with a fleece blanket. He stayed in it for awhile but jumped out at some point while we were sleeping. This morning I found him at his perch upon the arm of the couch. After waking up a bit, Thunder is running around and doing what little kittens do, like dribbling a ball like he is playing soccer and batting the bottom ornaments on the tree. The boys are exited and happy and so is Vikki. Vikki was chasing after Thunder last night trying to give him love but probably in actuality terrorizing him. Thunder has a stocking on the mantle above the fireplace now.

As I read over the paperwork the Humane Society gave us, it says petting a cat helps relieves stress and lowers blood pressure in humans. I find that very interesting and good to know. Now if cats could help you lose weight and make you rich.