Guess who turns 10 today on February 4, 2014? I’m sure many 5th graders throughout the country but something that has revolutionized how communicate, get information and waste our time. Yes, Facebook is 10 today!

You know the story; Zuckerberg among others started the social media site in college. It grew and grew, then opened to the general public in late 2006 and now is the monster that it is.

I joined in very early 2007; my first friend was Penny, a friend from high school who still is on my friend's list

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my wife, I probably spend about an hour or so a day on Facebook but it looks like I’m on more because I go on probably 10-15 times a day but I’m only on for a minute or two each time and it’s to catch up on what’s happening for the most part. Sometimes I'm on more at night.

My downfall is I may just be a little too connected to the site however as I probably care too much for it for who’s doing what, where and how etc. Aside from 92 Moose.FM it’s definitely my most checked site.

I don’t play games on Facebook. I have nothing against people who do, but for me I spend enough time on the site and games would just suck me in more.

If you play games, which ones do you are yours? When did you sign up? Who was your first friend? Find love on the site? What’s your story?

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