Have you ever seen the Google car? I was lucky enough to pass it this morning at 9-9:30. Do you get creeped out by the accuracy of Google Maps; especially the satellite view? So far in Auburn I’ve seen the Google vehicle twice and I’m not completely freaked out by the satellite view but the resolution and new updates are kind of eerie.

After looking at the "street view" of the old apartment, the first time I saw the car was I guess was last March or April by the looks of the trees, lack of snow and by the Saab in the driveway, which we bought in February of 2012. That time I remember I was sitting in my living room.

Today I saw it driving up Court St. in Auburn From Lewiston towards Union by-pass. My guess would be at about 100 Court St. We were heading down heading to Lewiston as we passed each other. To be a goof I thought about giving the Google camera on the car the finger but because my mother in-law was in our car I didn’t. I also quickly remembered I’m 41 and not 14 so maturity won in that episode. 

Just before I started writing this I just Googled 100 Court St. in Auburn just because I’m like that, but Google hasn’t updated the “street view” as of yet. Ok, small things amuse small minds.

The creepier part of Google Maps is the satellite view option. Have you ever Googled your address? I know the aerial shots are fairly recent at least in Auburn because our cars are in the driveway of the house we bought just over a year ago and fire-pit are all in the satellite zoom.