The question is have you turned on your heat yet? Up until now I had been stubborn and have not. This morning we woke up to an inside temperature of 55 degrees. We had been using a space heater in the living room in the morning and evening to take the chill away for a few days now but it's time to turn on the furnace.

I was hoping to make it until Halloween without turning on the heat but it's getting ridiculous. Everyone is getting cold and my silly game of waiting is starting to trump health so I gave in.  This morning no one wanted to get out of the blankets and Vikki's voice is getting hoarse so my standoff with the the weather has ended to some degree. I will say the thermostat is only set to 62 and not the 65 we had it last winter. We'll adjust that as the weeks roll along.

I was openly pigheaded about turning on my heat so now you know we're at 62 until it gets to be real winter I guess.

How about you? At what temperature do you set the thermostat?