The picture above is Billy, head chef at the Black Frog Restaurant (Facebook) in Greenville. The food there is all wonderful and the menu is fun to read (see below). My favorite things there are the burgers and the "Misteak on the Lake," which is shaved steak on a sub roll with onions and peppers. Get it with hand cut fries and you'll be in heaven. And try the unbelievable cole slaw. I got extra to go back to camp. Thanks Billy!

A little info for ya. The Black Frog was once the Road Kill Cafe until a fire destroyed it. All of it...except for the black frog.

Evan in front of THE black frog at the Black Frog

The Black Frog on Pritham Avenue in Greenville and Kelly's Landing in Greenville Junction both have outdoor deck seating next to Moosehead Lake. The Frog is a great place to watch planes take off and land during the fly-in (if you're early enough to get a table). Both restaurants offer great food and full bars. Kelly's also serve's breakfast.

If you want a great place to kick back in relax after a long day, the local favorite is the Stress Free Moose (Facebook), also on Pritham Ave. They have a minimal food menu which includes wraps, sandwiches and unbelievable steak tips! Holy cow!! (see what I just did there?) If you like good food and grog, lots of friends (old and new) and live entertainment, then this is a MUST. Stacy Duncan is the owner and she can usually be found doing what she loves...tending bar. She does it better than just about anyone I've ever seen! Plus, you'll see a lot of central Mainers there on any given weekend.

Another favorite place is Flat Landers (Facebook). This small restaurant on Pritham Ave. is known for its "broasted chicken." It's not fried but it sure looks and tastes like it is. If you love KFC, you'll like Flat Landers more!

NOTE: Just past Indian Hill Trading Post (same side) headed into Greenville, you'll see the unmistakable shape of a McDonald's building. It opened for a short time and closed. One of the few places a Mickey D's didn't make it.

There are my suggestions. Take 'em or leave 'em but, if you do try them, comment about it. I'd love to know what you think. Likewise, if you've eaten at these places, tell me if I'm way off or spot on, in your opinion.

Now, the fly-in. Hundreds of float planes come in from all over the place and you'll have an opportunity to see some unique and bizarre looking crafts. They compete in contests and show off their machines, floating around in the bay like peacocks just waiting to be seen. It's a ton of fun and, at this point, most local accommodations are probably full. You can always try to get a campsite at Lily Bay State Park just up the road or, a bit further north near Kokadjo is First Roach Pond campsites. By the way, the fly-in is September 4th through 7th this year.

Black Frog Menu