Have you ever cleaned your house before guests arrived? I'm sure you have. Mom is coming in for the Labor Day weekend on Friday night. *panic* The cleaning is going on! As some of you may know, we bought a house two months ago. A few cosmetic issues which we'll get to, and a bathroom redo. The bathroom has been an adventure. Almost there! Just the floor tiles, new toilet and medicine cabinet. I guess the vanity needs attaching as well. A tremendous thanks to my wife's Uncle who is doing the bulk of the work. Today, my uncle is coming to do the tiles in order, to grout and have it set in time. We have today until about 8:30 tomorrow night to get it all done. I  feel like I'm in an HGTV reality crasher type show.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my in-laws for their huge help over the passed couple of months.