Last night, I started addressing my holiday cards. Do you still mail out cards this time of the year? It always seems cards don’t arrive in my mailbox until after mine have arrived at their homes. But, hey, I do mail them fairly early.

Do you wait to see who sends you a card before you mail yours out? I know some people must. Or, do most people even still mail them at all? The amount of  holiday cards you find in the stores this time of the year would have you believe that everyone mails them to everyone they have ever met in their entire lifetime!

Personally, I love getting cards at this time of the year or any time of the year. My favorites are picture cards. I think it is fun to see how people have changed, children have grown and new additions to families and if the card comes with a note or even a ‘newsletter’ type of thing, even better. I don’t mind those sorts of things. I like knowing how people are doing and I think it is sweet that they took a few moments to think of me as they addressed the card or put the stamp on the envelope.  So my holiday cards are done. No problem! Now, I just have to remember to take them to the post office for stamps and put them into the mail shoot!