Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Remember Nina Blackwood? She was one of the very first VJs on MTV. I knew she had a syndicated 80's show but I didn’t know this about her; she lives on the mid-coast in Maine. Her home is somewhere in the Rockland-Camden area and she runs the show out of her 'at home studio.'

She says she likes the weather here in Maine, yes all four seasons, and likes Maine for it’s rustic off the beaten path attributes. She’s a shy person, by all accounts, and likes her privacy.

Who is your favorite MTV VJ of all time? I’d say Matt Pinfield is up there. Kurt Loder, if he counts. Carson Daly, as much as I made fun of him on TRL, was pretty big and likeable. Chris Booker was pretty cool. AJ Hammer? Wasn’t he on MTV as well? Maybe it was VH1. Anyway, there are a few of my all time favorites.