I’ve mentioned it on Facebook once or twice, but about three months ago one night I took off my wedding band to stretch my finger, give a it scratch, you know air it out, etc. I put the ring on my nightstand and sometime that night or early the next morning, the ring went missing and since that night I have not seen my wedding band anywhere. I do know it’s in the house somewhere.

I’ve looked for it off and on since it went missing. I have a feeling I know what happened to it but where it ended up is anyone’s clue. I don’t want to blame my daughter and her interest in shiny things, but we’ll go there just enough to say Vikki hiding it might be a possibility.

I feel a bit naked without it on. I know married guys can get away without wearing a wedding band and its okay, but it feels weird. Not that the ladies think I’m a hunk-a-hunk-a, but it’s just a little odd and awkward to see someone look at your finger.

So until I find my ring I will wear a zip-tie ring. Yes it looks ridiculous on my finger but serves the purpose and may "will" the ring from the abyss? At any rate it will teach me not to take of my ring before bed.   

My Zip-tie ring getting sized
All done!