Where I bought my ticket.

So, what goes into choosing your numbers for Powerball? Do you use birthdays and special dates? Do you use a pattern on the card when you fill it out? Do you use the same numbers week after week? Do you just let the machine pick your numbers? 

Powerball jackpot for Saturday, May 18, 2013 (may still increase)

I just bought two, and I used sports players number and special dates. My kids’ and wife’s birthdays and played the number 15 for my birthday. Another question I ask myself when buying a lotto ticket, where do I go to buy it? I like to buy from a local dude. I tend to lean towards buying from the cat who owns his or her own store. I know if I win the store gets a cut from the lottery.

One of these is the winner.

Crazy this jackpot is at 600 million dollars and growing. By the drawing tomorrow night it could be ¾ of a billion dollars. That’s all kinds of crazy cash. I can’t even begin to think what I’d do with it. Knowing me I’d spend the next whole lot years spending irresponsibly. However, that’s why I have a wife, she’ll do like boring and appropriate things with the money, like invest it or put some away for the kids’ college funds.  

Would I quit work if won the jackpot? Of course I would. I love my job but I think I’d love total independence more.

The drawing is tomorrow night. Get yours. Just know if you pick my numbers you’re not doing me or yourself any justice.