Alex Grimm, Getty Images

Here’s an interesting conversation to say the least. There is a trend beginning where restaurant owners are disallowing children from eating in.  Should restaurants ban kids? Do adults have a right to a dinner without the unpredictability of children acting up? Or do we have the right to bring a baby to dinner even if there is a good chance they'll cry?

One of these restaurants in the article claims to be family friendly. A couple look to be expanded bars so I take less of an issue with them but all in all the trend is growing.

I think there is a common sense rule that should be applied here. If a child acts up frequently, then as a parent we know that a restaurant that involves a server and tipping is probably not the best environment for them.

Either my wife or myself have taken our child out to the car when we’re out if they’ve acted up. I can think of two occasions once with Justin when he was two and more recently at Mac’s Grill where Vikki was acting horribly. At Mac's Grill I took Vikki to the car and stayed with her until Lynn finished eating then I went back to the table and Lynn stayed with her. I've also asked for my meal to go after sitting down once when one of the kids has acted up way back.

Guess what, since we took Vikki out there have been no issues, granted we haven’t really gone out since but of the two or three times we have, she’s been good.

We can’t expect perfection from our children and restaurants should know this. My rule of thumb is, if they put crayons out on the table with a kids menu it is fair game within reason.

If a white table cloth is involved, get a babysitter and have a date night.