I've intentionally taken a while off from talking about my hernia surgery, more or less because of a lack of news. It's just been the waiting game. The only real update since in the pre-op admission testing is I've decided on having it done laparoscopically as apposed to having it performed "open."

The day for my surgery is this Friday the 7th. I'm starting to feel a bit of anxiety. Shopping for antibacterial hand soap yesterday probably didn't help either, but the day is coming and you can't stop time. I was telling Lynn last night, that I was starting to feel nervous and scared as it is less than a week away and you know what she told me in a way that only a wife can get away with, try having babies. No sympathies or empathetic responses for me.

She was half joking but I get the point. The point is, find someone else to talk about this with. Once I'm under, I'm under but it's that time between showing up at the hospital and the actual surgery I'm nervous about. You just sit there waiting and from what I hear, hungry and feeling dehydrated because of that fasting period before the procedure. , It's like a pregame show or something. The nervousness of knowing that your time is coming, I'm not sure if I'll be okay. Drugs, please.

I know I'm making a bigger deal out of this than I should but to me it is a bit scary.